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Replace Character In Filename Directly In Ftp


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Hi everybody !


I have a big problem with my images on my FTP... A friend has uploaded thousands of images with a "+" character in the filename on our FTP. For some reasons, my CMS doesn't support it and I need to change the "+" character by a "_" character, directly on the FTP cause it will rake too much time to download all the images and upload them again.


So I need a script (PHP ?) that will go in the right subdirectory and replace the "+" if it exists by the "_" character.


Someone could help me ?





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If I'm not good enough to write it myself, I can just go out ? I tought it was a mutual assistance forum...

If I could write it myself, I would not be here...

It is, we will happily assist you with your code, which you don't have any of, hence the glaring lack of assistance. If you want someone to write the code for you there is a freelance section where you can request someones services for a suitable fee.

Getting flippent isn't going to endear anyone to your cause any faster. The statement isn't "If I'm not good enough to write it myself, I can just go out" it's more along the lines of "If your not going to bother your arse to even try, when it is you that will get the benefit, then why the hell should we when we will get none?"

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You mean the fact that files can be ftp'd with those characters to begin with? Short of writing a shell script to change the file names, there isn't much I can think of. Since the characters are technically valid for use in file names, I'd be more likely to alter the CMS code to eliminate the problem.

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