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Critique A Shopping Website

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Pretty good. The biggest things that stand out at a glance are the logo and category graphics.


The logo just abruptly stops on the right hand side, making the gray end at a straight line. You need some sort of gradient transition there.


For the category graphics further down the index, I really dislike the font. It's a chunky serif font on a site that's dominated by normal-to-slender sans-serif fonts, so it looks out of place and jarring to me.

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Does the job very nice. Could use more 'standard' design features such as mouseover background. The embossed text makes the site look old. Needs something in the top right hand corner. This site is has a great design but is also very affective.




Your site has nice layout. Just needs 'modernising'. I like the photos as it make you look established. You could also add a photo of the staff smiling. Make it more personable so they get to know you. Build relationships with you directly so they trust you more. Beneath the text you could promote special offers or list hot products.



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