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Displaying Portion Of Field From Mysql


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I am in need of assistance. I'm learning and advancing in php, although I've come across a problem.


I'm working on a project and I want to to show the time of something and then another part to show just the date. In my database I have a field called date_played and it has a format like this:

2012-11-23 23:27:06


What I want to do is have php look for the 2012-11-23 for the date and then 23:27:06 for the time and then go even further with the date feature have it echo the time like 11:27 PM ( I think I know that part).


Can you please help? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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And i've tried the date


$sql = "SELECT * FROM historylist WHERE `songtype` = 'S' AND `date_played` = 'date(Y-m-d)";

and no go. I had something to where I got only the time and that worked, but I can't get the SQL to get songs by the current date.

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date('Y-m-d') is a PHP function. Use


$sql = "SELECT * FROM historylist WHERE `songtype` = 'S' AND `date_played` = CURDATE()";


Correction - as the dates in DB contain time elements you need


$sql = "SELECT * FROM historylist WHERE `songtype` = 'S' AND DATE(date_played) = CURDATE()";


The MySQL DATE() function gets just the date part from the date field

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Woah! Hey thanks for your help!


I got another question on pagination.. http://www.lite945.com/iplaylist/playlist.html take a look at the bottom.. See how that is. I'm trying to figure out how to get that. I know how to get the results from the database, for what I'm doing, but pagination is a whole nother thing haha.. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

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Use a query with a "LIMIT r, n" clause at the end


"r" is row number to start from

"n" is the number of rows to retieve


If "p" is the current page (starting at 1) then r = (p-1) * n


At the bottom (and/or top) of the page you have a list of page number each (except current) have a link to that page (?page=n)


I usually show first and last with a couple each side of the current page eg


1 ..... 10 11 12 13 14 ...... 20

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I was messing around with the date thing and got it going to where I could do -3 days, etc.. However, the problem is I can keep going to 3 more days, and I'm not stoo sure how to do that part. Can I do something like $mindate or something?

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On there, I have a drop down that says select date, I can go back to three days, and when I click on previous days, I can continue going back in days, but I want it so after the 3 days they can't go anymore. Like if you keep playing with the drop down, you'll notice what it's doing.

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And back to the pagination on that link on page one that was playlist.html


You see numbers like this at the bottom:


1-20 21-40 , etc and since it's no net or if net=1 it bolds that.. That's the pagination i'm trying to do. Do I count my artists in my songlist table or how am I doing that? It's new to me

Excerpt of how that pagination on that page is.. If you click the links, you can see how it works!

oh and I believe it's doing the date selected. How should I echo to have it do the today's date? That might be the problem with that!

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