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Normal Query Syntax Not Working, '' For Numeric


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You clearly have never written an application that uses abstraction and base classes. This is basic stuff.


Now that's chest-thumping!



So the answer is .... quoted columns in the query string. A standard feature in DB engines.


Only in databases that are designed to support loosely-typed languages (like mySql). I have worked with multiple enterprise database engines, that do not support quoting of numeric data-types. Numeric data-types should never be quoted.


As Jessica pointed out, have a look at prepared statements. In order to bind a variable to the statement, you have to specify the data-type. It is trivial to add an additional field to whatever method call you have in order to pass the data types along.


 $fields = array('Name' => 'I. M. Noob', 'Age' => 15);
 $types = array('s', 'i');
 $sql = $db->buildQuery($fields, $types);

public function buildQuery($fields, $types) {
 $sql = 'UPDATE myTable SET';
 $ind = 0;
 $sets = array();
 foreach ($fields as $column => $value) {
   switch($types[$ind++]) {
     case 's': $sets[] = $column . '="' . $value . '"'; break;
     case 'i': $sets[] = $column . '=' . $value; break;
     default: trigger_error('Unknown datatype', E_USER_ERROR); return false;
 $sql .= implode(', ' $sets);

 return $sql


That's not from my library. I quit using generically generated queries a long time ago. A data model (class) that is specific to a particular table knows what columns exist and what their datatypes are.

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It is quite common to do this, and not wrong at all. If the application is building queries and doesn't know the column types, this is how to do it.


This is *not* how to do it -- don't pretend that it is.


It doesn't work "as expected" -- it works by accident.


It's trivial to have your DB wrapper consult your schema once.

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