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How Do You Change The Default Editor From Vi (Centos)?


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I hate vi. I hate the idiots that even put a 30 year old text editor in CentOS. But mostly I hate the fact that the damn crontab never saves, and that /etc/crontab isn't used, and that crontab -e opens a file in god-damn vi.


Is there anyway to make it so that crontab -e brings up nano? Or a way to make it so that crontab isn't wiped when the server is reset?

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man crontab


This option is used to edit the current crontab using the editor specified by the VISUAL or EDITOR environment variables.  After you exit from the editor, the modified crontab will be installed automatically.

My Ubuntu says that it'll use /usr/bin/editor as a fallback; some Googling suggests that's true for CentOS too.


[edit] IIRC you can manually modify the crontab file so long as you restart/SIGHUP the cron daemon.

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Your .bashrc file is found in your home dir, as it's for your user only. I would drop the hate towards Linux and try and embrace it a little, if you're going to get anywhere with it. Even vim is a nice editor if you put in the effort to learn it and customise it.

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Set a variable in Window's (cmd) shell and see how long it lasts too. The issue seems to be between the keyboard and the chair.


If somethings truely advanced, shouldn't it be easy to use? :P




And if you make changes with msconfig, they don't revert. Crontab is a file, doesn't make sense it just disapears.


I guess between Windows and Android I'm just use to OS'es not being a hodgepodge of esoterical crap. I *could* learn it, but I'd much rather see it replaced with something well designed and user friendly. Logmein shows just how well remote desktoping can work - what I'd really love to see if a server OS that you could manage though a client app.


Guess as everything gets easier it just makes linux look worse. Open source sounds good in concept, but corperate software is really polished and user friendly lately... hell, anymore it's even becoming free.

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I don't think it's as much a matter of ease, as a matter of what you're used to. Everyone I know thinks Mac OS is "hard" to use. Being a Linux and Mac user for the last 6 years, I think WinD'ohs is hard to use.


EDIT: and really, the more granular the control you need over something becomes, the more complex it becomes to control.

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Crontab file disappearing? Where did you get that from? No-one here has said anything about the crontab file disappearing. What they have said is that the environment variable "editor" will be reset, if you don't add it to your .bashrc file (which is in your home folder, since it's yours, btw).


Same with Windows: If you use "set" in a CMD prompt to set an environment variable, it'll be lost when you close that prompt. msconfig doesn't enter the equation, as you're comparing apples to glass figurines.


What you have is a case of missing knowledge, which is not a fault of the OS. So I'd advice you, as trq did, to drop the hate and stop blaming the OS for your lack of knowledge.


PS: ssh is a client application, so is vi, nano, crontab and msconfig. Logmein, however, is a server and client application.

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