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Application Message Solution


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So on my spare time, I am architecting a PHP service oriented application, which uses web services.


I want to architect a solution for delivering global, service, and user specific messages in the application. These type of messages would appear to the client after they have logged in. They would obviously be maintained at a database level but I need to build some pretty little php classes that can grab the data and display it in my application to the client if messages exist.


Is there a name for something like this? I am struggling on how to best design this solution so it is flexible and it would be nice to gain perspective on this topic. I just don't know what to look for and often times my results are related to designing a message system where clients of an application can communicate to each other, which is what I am NOT looking for.

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Maybe... It would need someone to administer the messages for application and application services. This admin could push the messages out and my application would listen for messages and show them to the client who is signed into the application (for application messages). The service that the client would have actively open in their browser would know to get messages based on the service. I would want this setup so messages would go away when the client selects a close button next to the message in the ui (maybe it makes an ajax request and updates the db to not show the message for that user anymore). Some messages might be more user specific and only appear based on the actions they have taken within the application they are using. These sort of messages wouldn't really need much administration. For example, maybe there would be a message telling newly signed up users to register their display name because this process wasn't required during registration.


So maybe this whole thing is a custom solution that I have to completely build myself rather than using a message cue and some custom code in my application? I still don't feel like I am getting a clear idea looking at message cues but perhaps they would be useful for application and application service messages meant to go to the client.

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