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Calling A Delphi Dll From Php


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I've been asked to update some existing PHP to use a DELPHI produced DLL in place of it's existing Data access code.


What I've tried so far:

  1. Using COM, but I keep getting errors about an Unknown Interface that I have failed to get to the bottom of.
  2. Using Delphi4PHP to create a DLL PHP extention, but when using this it caused Apache to crash altogether.


Has anyone successfully achieved communication with a Delphi produced DLL from within PHP?


Many thanks



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As long as its a valid dll file you should be able to import it fine. The fact its made in Delphi is irrelevant as you've compiled for Windows. Assuming the dll is registered on the PC/Server you're using you should be able to import it. Silly question: Are you running Windows or Linux?

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