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Yet Another Reason Not To Use Sha1 As A Password Hash


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Like MD5, SHA1 was never really intended to be used as a hash for passwords. Use SHA512, bcrypt, or any of the slower hashes that take multiple passes over a string. Use salt. Use phpass rather than rolling your own: http://www.openwall.com/phpass/

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Well in my script I first use md5 on the raw password, then apply sha1 on the combined username and md5'd password. Finally the new string is concatenated with salt and pepper, a sha512 function is then acted on the combined string to give a final result. The difference between pepper and salt is that the former is hard coded for each site/application, while salt is user-specific and alterable. Heres the way I did it lol:


public function encrypt($username, $password, $salt){
$config = Registry::get("config");
$pepper = $config->peppercode;
$password = md5($password);
$newpassword = sha1($username.$password);
$finalpassword = hash('sha512', $pepper.$newpassword.$salt);
return $finalpassword;


Kinda weird isnt it?

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you could just use the native crypt function..


blowfish implementation

    private function encrypt($string, $salt) {
        if (strlen($salt) < 21)
            trigger_error('Member#encrypt: Failed due to salt length less then 21.', E_USER_ERROR);
        return crypt($string, '$2y$10$' . $salt . '$');

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