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Php/mysql/ajax Contract Work - Need Someone To Finish Music Site

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Posted 08 December 2012 - 03:52 AM

My partner and I are looking to contract someone to finish building our music website.

The site is not finished, but can be seen here:


We need someone who is very capable in PHP, MYSQL and Ajax.

Here is a comprehensive list of things that need to be finished:

Here is the exhaustive list of updates we need for the site:

1. limit the number of login attempts to 12

2. add new feature "song rating" after "add to playlist" to all songs on the index page and every other place songs are listed. Add a slider underneath "song rating" link. Have the value of the song rating be 1-10.
Song Rating (7.2/10) (plus a slider underneath).

the first number will represent the average of all the song ratings for that particular song.

3. The index page will still list the songs with the highest number of votes for the selected time period, but the song rating will be used for tie breakers. On the index page if two songs have the same number of votes, place the song with the higher song rating on top.

4. for every place there is a list of songs (playlists, artist pages, etc...except on the index page) change the text of "Songs Ordered By" to "Sort By".

5. Under "Sort By" add "Song Rating" (default will list highest song ratings first).

6. Under "Sort By" change the text "Most Popular" to "Popularity (By Votes)".

7. Under "Sort By" list the selections in this order:
"Popularity (By Votes)" 1st
"Song Rating" 2nd
"Release Date (Newest First)" 3rd
"Release Date (Oldest First)" 4th

8. On the My Account Page, keep the menu items: Account Information, My Playlists, Display Options, and Change Password links on the side, but display the info for each menu item on the main part of the page instead of the left side.

9. On the My Account Page, when they click on "Display Options" change the text from "Order Songs By" to "Sort Songs By" and add all the selections listed in number 7. Let the default value be Popularity (By Votes).

10. When looking at a list of songs for playlists, artist pages, etc....except on index page...change text from "Simple View" to "Table View".

11. On the register page, add these two additional questions:
"Name of Your Favorite Song?"
"Name of Your First Girlfriend/Boyfriend?"

12. On the register page, change the alert text to match the instruction text.

13. On the index page, if they have not selected any genres, by default, have all the genres selected and checked off

14. On index page, add a link to the "Top Selling Songs" that creates a page that looks just like the index page, except instead of sorting songs by votes, sort songs by the number of times it has been purchased. If two songs have been purchased the same number of times, let the song rating be the tie breaker. Change the text at the top "Top Songs", to "Top Selling Songs". At the top of the page, where it says "Past: 24 hrs, 7 days, 14 days, ...365 days" add another link after 365 days that says "All time".

15. Remove "Hall of Fame" text from the index page.

16. On the index page, add "Top Rated Songs" in the blue menu right after "Top Selling Songs". The Top Rated Songs page should look like the index page except the songs should be sorted by song rating only.

17. Everywhere there is a list of songs, add a play button to the right of each of the song titles that plays a sample of that individual song. We want to stream the first 60 seconds of the song. If possible, we want to stream from the same mp3 that would be purchased.

18. On the index page and anywhere else there is a list of songs, add a "Play All Songs" button that plays all the songs listed on that page in order. Add a left arrow and a right arrow button on each side of the play all button that switches to the previous song and the next song respectively. Also, add a volume slider that allows users to control the volume (perhaps located to the right of the right arrow button). Also, add another slider to the right of the volume slider that allows the user to jump to any place in the song sample (0-60 seconds). On the index page, add these buttons and sliders underneath the "Past 24 hrs, 7 days, etc list.

19. Any place there is a list of songs add a "Buy Mp3" button to the right of the Play button for each song. When the user clicks "buy mp3" use Paypal's micro payments to accept payment and allow a download of the song.

20. If the user has purchased a song, instead of having a button say "Buy Mp3" change it to "Download Mp3". Also, if they have purchased a song, when the user clicks on the play button for the song, have it stream the whole song.

21. On the My Account page, in the menu, underneath "Account Information", add "Purchased Songs" link. When they click on the link have it list all songs purchased by user. Sort by songs purchased most recently. Also, add all sorting options in number 7.

22. Create an Admin user. user: admin1 pass: adminpass

23. Allow admin users edit Band Member info and Bio (which is listed on artist page) for each artist.

24. Any place users can read comments made by other users, add a "Report Abuse" button for each comment. If 5 different people click the "report abuse" button for a comment, send a notification to the admin users of greckle. When the admin users login, let the notification be at the top on the index page in the blue menu to the left of search text and search box; have a small envelope icon be the notification icon with parentheses next to it that has the number of notifications in it.

25. If 10 different people click on "Report Abuse" button for a specific comment, then automatically delete the comment.

26. Up at the top of most pages, after "Our Mission", add "Contact Us" link. On the Contact Us page add:
Name: [ textbox ] - required field
Email: [ textbox ] - required field
Comment: [ large textbox ] - required field

and a "Send" Button. The send button will send it to email addresses to be determined.

27. Also, on the index page, in the blue menu, after the last item, add "My Greckle Library" link. Have it list all songs purchased, just like in 21.

Please provide an estimate of what it would cost to complete the updates mentioned above, and please give us your location.

Please contact : mweyant1203@yahoo.com or zepking@gmail.com