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Need Help Sending Email With Php


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Hi All -


I'm not a programmer whatsoever. Just trying to implement a login/registration system into my web site. I've purchased a script that does what I need. However, after installing the script, I'm finding that it refuses to send email like it should (i.e., send confirmation email to new users; send forgotten password email, etc.).


My hosting service is Yahoo. Yahoo's help section says this about sending email with PHP:


"You will also need to indicate the path to the Yahoo! mail program, Sendmail. The path to Sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail."


I honestly have no idea where or how I'm supposed to put this into the code. I'm hoping someone can help me.


I've attached two files, one is the sign-up.php file. The other is called signup.class.php, and I think this is where the mail gets sent from. But I'm not positive. Can anyone help? Much appreciated!!!



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This is your second thread with problems receiving email.


The script in the previous thread uses the mail() function so send email, it may be your web host has disabled it for security reasons. My current web host disabled it on their servers a year ago so I chnaged to use SMTP with PHPMailer:



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Somewhere in the script you have purchased there will be a line that sets a variable to the path to 'sendmail'. Hopefully, there will be some notation in the script to give you a clue. In the script I have(phpmailer) the variable is $Sendmail and the notation (surrounded by comment tags /* notes */) says; "Sets the path to sendmail program." Different servers will have slightly different directory names in the path. Make sure you copy it exactly.

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