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Need Help With Code On Inserting Text,image And Date In Mysql Database


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hi i am creating a website where a user can post a title,upload an image, description of image and description of ad and with this i keep getting error writing to database could somebody help me with this code thanks. also i need to insert current date into the database thanks.

if ( !isset($_FILES['userFile']['type']) ) {
die('<p>No image submitted</p></body></html>');
You submitted this file:<br /><br />
Temporary name: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['tmp_name'] ?><br />
Original name: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['name'] ?><br />
Size: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['size'] ?> bytes<br />
Type: <?php echo $_FILES['userFile']['type'] ?></p>

require 'mysql.php';
// Validate uploaded image file
if ( !preg_match( '/gif|png|x-png|jpeg/', $_FILES['userFile']['type']) ) {
die('<p>Only browser compatible images allowed</p></body></html>');
} else if ( strlen($_POST['altText']) < 9 ) {
die('<p>Please provide meaningful alternate text</p></body></html>');
} else if ( $_FILES['userFile']['size'] > 16384 ) {
die('<p>Sorry file too large</p></body></html>');
// Connect to database
} else if ( !($link=mysql_connect($host, $user, $passwd)) ) {
die('<p>Error connecting to database</p></body></html>');
} else if ( !(mysql_select_db($dbName)) ) {
die('<p>Error selecting database</p></body></html>');
// Copy image file into a variable
} else if ( !($handle = fopen ($_FILES['userFile']['tmp_name'], "r")) ) {
die('<p>Error opening temp file</p></body></html>');
} else if ( !($image = fread ($handle, filesize($_FILES['userFile']['tmp_name']))) ) {
die('<p>Error reading temp file</p></body></html>');
} else {
fclose ($handle);
// Commit image to the database
$image = mysql_real_escape_string($image);
$alt = htmlentities($_POST['altText']);
$query = 'INSERT INTO image (title,type,name,alt,img,description,date) VALUES ("' . $title . '","' . $_FILES['userFile']['type'] . '","' . $_FILES['userFile']['name'] . '","' . $alt . '","' . $image . '","' . $description . '","' . $NOW() . '")';
if ( !(mysql_query($query,$link)) ) {
die('<p>Error writing image to database</p></body></html>');
} else {
die('<p>Image successfully copied to database</p></body></html>');

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one of the errors is without the date function that my php echo's error writing image database


That message is obviously useless as it explains nothing about the actual error.


First off, see Pickachu's suggestion and correct your query accordingly.


Second, instead of displaying "error messages" that don't tell you a heck of a lot, use mysql_error() where applicable:


if ( !(mysql_query($query,$link)) ) {

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As long as you're editing things, you'll probably find debugging a lot easier if you make the query string readable by getting rid of all that obnoxious concatenation.


$query = "INSERT INTO image ( title, type, name, alt, img, description, date) VALUES ( '$title', '{$_FILES['userFile']['type']}', '{$_FILES['userFile']['name']}', '$alt', '$image', '$description', NOW() )";

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