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Any Recommended Hosts?


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I'm thinking this isn't the best place to ask this. I looked at all the other forums and none of them really fit.


My client has had major issues with GoDaddy the past week and a half. He has been in 2 different states trying to sign up new clients and has had major connection issues with the shared godaddy server. To the point where it sits there for minutes before timing out. Over and over and over, all day not just during peeks.


Of course, we know, a shared server... according to godaddy, there may be load problems and thats that. They pretty much said, we are sorry to hear that, spend more money and get this. My client wants to leave godaddy, and we both agree to switch over to a vps anyway.


The question is who?


So since I love this site. you guys rule! I'm asking the question here. Whats your host of choice?


Keep in mind I need php/mysql and the ability to use exec() so I can do server side audio file conversions. I'd prefer to have it all setup for me, though I'm sure I could find someone to do it.


As always, thanks!



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