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Jquery Ui 1.9 - What Does The Hook Sign In Front Of The Title Stand For?


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The HTML Title Tag:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>The Title</title>


There is a hook sign placed right in front of the title, when the website is loaded on the localhost - what does it stand for?


I can see it right on the tab in Firefox.


An Example:


[Hook Sign] The Title
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FFS I can't find a single screenshot showing the icon. I think he's talking about the unlocked lock icon, probably about mixed content (the unsecure stuff on a secure page) or a certificate problem (like for a homemade cert).


[edit] itran, for future reference, when you want help identifying something you see on your screen, it's a really good idea to take a screenshot and actually show the mysterious icon to us. Describing it doesn't always work and is always harder for us to understand than if we could look at a picture instead.

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Do you have any addons for firefox running?  If so disable them and see if it goes away.  I don't use firefox much anymore, but I can't recall ever seeing anything like that when I did.  Leads me to believe it's an addon you have that is putting it there.


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