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Hi Everyone, I have a couple of questions to ask as I am a PhP newbie.


Firstly I am working on a website which will have some content inside it which I only want members to view:


as far as I am aware I need to write:-


i) Registration script

ii) Log-in script


which will both work with a MySQL database which will store the members login details. (So far so good I think!!!!)


is there access to forms that have already been written?? and have I got the procedure above correct for a membership style website... is there anything else I should be aware of ??


basic questions I know but I really am new to this...

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There are a lot of login/registration scripts out there, I have a login one on my blog for example, but the problem is that you need to have a login/registration system that fits with your own table structure in the backend, so it's probably better if you make it yourself. It's one of the best places to get started with PHP as it's low volume coding, but still has practical use. One of the main things to be concious about is the security of the site. you will want to keep your members details safe, so keep that in mind. The other thing is to make sure that your back end is well layed out.

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I hope that isn't the code you are using, because it is not secure. Without an exit; statement after the header() redirect, the rest of the code on the page runs while the browser is performing the redirect and a hacker or bot script simply needs to ignore the redirect and he/it can access the page the same as if that code wasn't even present.

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