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How Do You Do This?


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Okay guys and gals

I'm not "cheating" on this one because it's end of semester and I already turned in my code.

I'm going to fail the PHP class because I'm just not a programmer mind. I'm a creative mind.

I failed my SQL course in the tech school I attend because I couldn't get past outer joins.

It's like my mind hits a mental brick wall and can't burst through it.




this @%!# thing has given me so much trouble I want to see someone write it out for me to see where I went wrong.

Or rather, why I failed it.

Or rather, a reason why I shouldn't toss my computer off of a bridge from a moving vehicle.


Here's the assignment below. Yea yea it's basic stuff but like I said I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER. Can't DO this.

Didn't help that the PHP I course I took -- this assignment I paste is PHP II -- was over the summer semester and thus three weeks.


Made a promise to myself: no more summer courses.





For this assignment, please write a PHP script that does the following:

1. Pre-populate an array(s) with 20 types of sushi and their associated prices.

2. Use a foreach() loop to parse the array(s) and:

Find the highest priced sushi

Find the lowest price sushi

Find the average sushi cost

3. Use a foreach() loop to parse the array(s) and:

If the sushi's price is above the average price echo/print out the sushi's name,its price and the string "expensive"

If the sushi's price is above the average price, echo/print out the sushi's name, its price and the string "cheap"

4. Write out a message displaying the most expensive and the least expensive sushi

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Something like this. I modified to not use unnecessary loops.


$sushi = array('Unagi' => 4.59, 'Uni' => 6.99, 'Saba' => 5.99, 'Tamago' => 4.25, 'Toro' => 8.99, 'Masago' => 3.59);

$avg = round( array_sum($sushi) / count($sushi), 2 ); // no need for a loop for this
$min = min($sushi); // again no loop needed
$max = max($sushi); // and again . . .

echo "The most expensive sushi is $max<br>\n";
echo "The least expensive sushi is $min<br>\n";
echo "The average sushi is $avg<br>\n";

foreach( $sushi as $k => $v ) {
if( $v > $avg ) {
	echo "$k is expensive<br>\n";
} elseif( $v < $avg ) {
	echo "$k is cheap<br>\n";
} else {
	echo "$k is average<br>\n";

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What is the 2 in there for? After the count?

i think I can understand everything else......I actually had the min and max functions in the code I turned in.


I'm assuming your "$k" is substitute for 'key' and your $v is substitute for 'value'.

But why round when creating/defining the variable 'avg'?

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