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[Request_Uri] Contains


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Hi guys


I have a site that has different url rewrites based on the language e.g.

News (English)

notizie (Italian

noticias (Spanish)


how can I find out with php iwhich is set in the request_uri when it says [REQUEST_URI] => /notizie/1



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I would say you would need to either hard code an array and look through it to astablish the relationship, store the relationship in another file and use a function like file_get_contents() to facilitate the check, or store the realtions in a database and look them up from there. You wouldn't access the .htaccess/httpd.conf file directly as php shouldn't have the permissions to do that.

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I need to find out if which page it is in the request_uri so I can set the language if there is no cookie set for it the request uri is


[REQUEST_URI] => /notizie/1 I would be able to do it if is equal to, just need to know if there is a way I can do a contains?

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