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any good CMS packages built on laravel


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I believe Pyro CMS (https://www.pyrocms.com) is in the process of being rewritten using L4. But there home page still says built on codeignitor.


A blurb from Phil Sturgeon's blog:

Right now I am converting PyroCMS from CodeIgniter to Laravel, and trying to take it straight from PHP 4 global code to perfect dependency injected code is absolute murder. So, an in-between step is being made to switch from using the CI loader to at least using PHP 5, PSR-2 autoloaded code, with a bunch of statics while we're still in CodeIgniter.


Then, switching from those statics to DiC code as highlight in the video will be made easy when we finally make the switch to Laravel.


Going from tightly-coupled CodeIgniter code to testable PSR-2 is an absolute mission, but the Pyro team are on it - and it's going to be epic.


So, I suspect the re-write is going to take a little bit of time.

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