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Hard to explain problem...

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Basically I have a huge 100mb wordlist of unique strings that I'll soon be entering into my database. The problem is, I also will be adding these strings after making all of them uppercase, and mySQL assumes that 'ABC' is the same as 'abc' which makes adding the same uppercase list impossibly without making it a fulltext database instead of Unique. Here in lies the problem... This database will also be receiving words from users that submit them from my site, but I don't want this database to be filled with duplicate words unless they have some different case in them like: 'abc', 'aBc', 'ABc' etc...


is there ANY way to get around this at all?





I also need some new way to get the size of a table without doing mysql_num_rows. I expect this database to be around 15 million unique strings when it's done, and mysql_num_rows take forever to do with only 1 million.



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