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Payment Gateway - User funds account, then periodically gets funds back?


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I'd like to create an application where a user can fund an account. When a user does a certain task, they will get a certain amount of their money back. If they complete all their tasks, over time, they will get all of their money back.


Any suggestions as to which payment gateway to use for this? I am nervous about getting hit with a ton of transaction fees. I am thinking I could use PayPal Payments Pro so that the user can fund their account with a credit card. Whenever they complete a task, I could issue a partial refund, which would go back against their credit card. Can I even issue multiple partial refunds on the same transaction ID, though? I'm not sure. And I also don't want a bunch of transaction fees on those refunds. Maybe there is a gateway out there which would only charge a transaction fee on the original transaction?


I'm thinking about changing the design. A user funds their account with their credit card, and then once they complete ALL tasks, I can issue a single refund. This would avoid the many transaction fees associated with issuing a refund per task. But in order for this to be a successful app, I think the user should get a % of their money back right away after completing each task.


Any advice on which Payment Gateway to use for this? Advice, or design considerations?

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Figured. Well, it looks like Authorize.net might actually be the better option for me, then.


At the time,


PayPal Payments Pro:

Setup: $0.00

Monthly Fee: $30.00

Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30



Setup: $99.00

Monthly Fee: $20.00

Transaction Fee: $0.10


Although PayPal does include options like fraud protection, recurring billing, etc. with those prices. Costs more to add those in Authorize.net. So, I'll have to think about this.


Any other reputable payment gateways I can look into?

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