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Visual Basic or PHP / SQL? (Need Advice)


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I need to know if I should create this project as a visual basic windows application or if I should make it in PHP/SQL.




Basically I'm trying to use this application (or web form) to edit an HTML table filled with job data. I know I will definitely need to use databases, but how to edit them I'm still not sure which way to go.


Btw, I'm new to VB.net, PHP and SQL.


Please let me know the easiest way to complete this project. Just looking for some general advice before I start.


Thanks in advance!!

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The answer to your question depends entirely upon what you want to do with the finished product?


If you want to have a centralized database in which many users can add their job listings, so that other people can view them, then I recommend writing a web-application (using PHP+MySQL, if you like). However, if you want a localized DB of job listings for single users only, to entertain a private library of potential jobs, then a client application (written in VB, if you prefer) would be the way to go.


It's the same as when trying to choose a vehicle: You need to know what you're going to use it for first, as it's pretty pointless to buy a car to cross the ocean. (Or a Yacht to cruise on the highway.)

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