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Complicated to explain issue


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I've begged people all over the web for help with this problem. It's hard to explain because people read about it, and they think I just don't know how to execute simple navigation on WordPress.


Let me try to explain:


I have a website run by WordPress. I need to edit the home page. When I click Pages-->All Pages-->Home which is linked to home, it's empty.


When I go to Apperence-->Editor-->Front Page Page Template it gives me PHP code to dictate basic template stuff, it won't let me edit


As you can see from the site, I have things other than the featured items and so on, like the "Bridgett Provenzano" letter at the bottom. But on my supposed home page there is nothing, on my specific theme settings, I have the featured items written out and I have the PHP code for the temlpate but none of that lets me edit the stuff on the front that I need to edit, namley the stuff under the featured items.


I hired someone but I don't have any money in the budget to do that again. He somehow added some text into the front page even though I see no way to do so, and cant see where he added it when I look at the code. I'm at a loss.


I'm going nuts here trying to figure this out. I don't know PHP, it looks as confusing as hell.

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FWIW, wordpress is a Content management system. For the most part, the content is stored in a database. So it's possible that the changes you alluded to were done through the administration system. I don't work with Wordpress, but it's a pretty simple system. Where people often get into trouble is when they hack it, or add a bunch of plugins.

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