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flip specific letter


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Does anybody know if there is a way of flipping a letter using css. The font I want to use has the letter s back to fron (childs handwriting) the font is called CrayonExtended, however the person I am designing the site for has said that the letters have to be the correct way way around as she is dyslexia trained etc

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Hey mate


Don't know if you're still working on this and what follows is a hidiously impractical solution but this might point you in the right direction.


In this instance it hinges on you wrapping a span around the letter in question - which would probably mean you need to do some sort of str replace when you generate the document. Probably not worth it unless you only use the fonts sparingly - i.e. in a header.


Hope thi shelps a bit!



span  {
display: inline-block;
 -webkit-transform:rotateY(180deg) !important;
 -moz-transform:rotateY(180deg) !important;
 -o-transform:rotateY(180deg) !important;
 -ms-transform:rotateY(180deg) !important;
 unicode-bidi:bidi-override !important;
 direction:rtl !important;

<p> H<span>e</span>llo World</p>

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