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A good email solution?


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I have a multisite CMS. For security / performance I don't run the email off the main system, the mail records link to a dedicated email server that runs qmail / Plesk.


It's pretty shitty.



- The spam filter is simply bad (SpamAssassin). Using spamhaus doesn't stop much. Compared to gmail, it's junk.

- If an account is comprimised, it seems to be very hard to figure out which account. The only way to even know at all is when the mail queue gets so hammered outgoing mail stops. There are mail limits, but there doesn't seem to be a way to pull up which email accounts are sending out the most messages.

- Management isn't great. It isn't horrible, theres a web interface and a CLI, but there are just some stupid problems. If a client has 15 email addresses and wants the spam filter increased, you have to do it on all 15 emails individually, or write a script.


Easy answer would be to use Google business mail, but the pricing on it can get out of control. For an organisation with 6 people and an info@, they'll be paying about as much to host email as the website itself.


Does anyone know of a better solution?

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they'll be paying about as much to host email as the website itself.


Not once you take into account all the maintenance. My workplace is 30-40 people and we switched to Google mail 18 months ago and haven't looked back. it's just way way way too easy, has a great web interface and plenty of other features for the price.

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