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Not viewed traffic bandwith problem

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I have Not viewed traffic bandwith problem


My maximum bandwith is 4GB

from 01.02.2013 utnhil 24.02.2013 i have


Viewed traffic *

Unique visitors - 1806

Number of visits - 9,345(5.17 visits/visitor)

Pages - 20,552(2.19 Pages/Visit)

Hits - 46,210(4.94 Hits/Visit)

Bandwidth - 1.51 GB (169.16 KB/Visit)


Not viewed traffic *

Pages - 25,578

Hits - 106,869

Bandwidth - 3.31 GB


* Not viewed traffic includes traffic generated by robots, worms, or replies with special HTTP status codes.



From Not viewed traffic, the bigest bandwith take HTTP Status codes part:

"206 Partial Content" - 2.83 GB"



Can you tell me more about this?

Is this problem, and how to fix this ?

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Are you running any sort of video or audio streaming?  A streaming client may be sending a bunch of range requests to download the data which would cause the 206 responses. 


You should try and figure out which URL(s) specifically are generating that response, then figure out why.


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Thanks for the reply


I doubt something else, so help me understand.



this is my web page


This web page work on next task:

1. colect xml data (short news)

2. insert or update title, link of source, description, and image, date...

3. show this data at frontape, as short news with image and with link to original source. Sometimes news takes in description embed code of the video


i have 35 Sport news source, 1 currency exchange, 1 wether, and 1 new (live score with 250 game average per day


Can geting and importing data from this source`s can be part of Not viewed traffic * ?

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