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We've updated our forums to the latest version of IPB - which includes the following new features:


Upgraded editor

The editor has been updated to include better Code & Quote features as well as numerous performance updates.


Topic Solved

The topic solved feature was originally a home-brewed solution that we ran on PHP Freaks. Now, we're glad to say that IPB has this by default and we've enabled it on our forums. This is great because the following features are enabled:

  1. You can select an individual post to be the "Best answer" instead of generalizing the topic. This answer is then provided at the top of the topic.
  2. Clicking the "Solved" tag on the forum view will take you directly to the best answer.
  3. Forum views now include an option to view only (un)solved topics.

Better Sharing

You'll notice in the topics that there is a share icon next to the post number (at the top right of each post). You can now share individual posts via this.


Many Backend changes

There have been numerous changes what our staff can do, as well as updates for more spam prevention. Anything to help make our staffs' lives easier is a win in my book!



In any case, with an update there is always a chance for an issue or two to pop up. Please let us know in this topic of any issues you might have spotted.


We thank you for your patience and continued support!

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No button, it used to be in the grey bar where the name is?

When I click on the post all I get is the quote button.


I also can't figure out how to upload the screencaps I just took (using full reply on web)


Edit: I'm using Safari on iPhone, when I can't see the like button. It was a checkmark I think. 

Edited by Jessica
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Looks like the horizontal bug has been squashed but a vertical one has crept in



+----------------+        |  CATEGORY   |
|   PRODUCT      |        +-------------+
+----------------+   +--- |  catID      |
|   prodID       |   |    |  catname    |
|   prodname     |   |    +-------------+
|   catID        | >-+
|   price        |


edit: WTF - when I tried this on the test board it double spaced the lines


I certainly couldn't do this a couple of days ago, it would've been scrambled



Edited by Barand
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Code tags (


) are double-spacing the code. (The nobbc tags are not working in that line. I am using the PHP (not CODE) tags below)


If I flip the switch so I'm using the Rich Editor it post's fine (in the Preview). If I flip the switch OFF, it posts double spaced:





// Get a count of the banners available
$query = "SELECT COUNT(*) AS RowCount FROM banners WHERE banner_size=7";
$result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query);
$banner = mysqli_fetch_array($result);
$num_rows = $banner['RowCount'];

// Pick a random number and subtract 1 (we want the OFFSET)
$randomOffset = rand(1, $num_rows) - 1;

// Select the banner
$query = "SELECT * FROM banners WHERE banner_size = 7 LIMIT $randomOffset, 1";
$result = mysqli_query($dbc, $query);
$banner = mysqli_fetch_array($result);


There is also an extra line at the beginning and end of the code block


Now it is doing the exact opposite (the PLAIN editor posts fine, the RICH editor posts double-spaced). This makes me feel crazy. Is anyone else seeing this?

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