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select all years between two dates

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Im trying to create a repeated list of all the years forms have been filled in, in my database.  The database has been running for 4 years and the row creation_date is unixtime.


I want a list that looks as follows







to create this list I understand Im after creation_date between the highest and lowest value of Year in unixtime.  So I wrote the following query


 mysql_select_db($database_dbconnet, $dbconnet); $query_rs_frmyear = sprintf("SELECT creation_date FROM customer_details WHEREcreation BETWEEEN (SELECT MIN(DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(creation_date), 'Y')) AS lowyear FROM customer_details)AND (SELECT MAX(DATE_FORMAT(FROM_UNIXTIME(creation_date), 'Y')) AS highyear FROM customer_details)"); $rs_frmyear = mysql_query($query_rs_frmyear, $dbconnet) or die(mysql_error());     //echo the yearsdo {echo $row_rs_frmyear['creation_date'];   } while($row_rs_frmyear = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_frmyear));



Which fell flat on its face!!! Any ideas anyone?

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Hi Jessica. Unfortunately that doesn't work and echos nothing when I run the loop.


Awesome how you think in such simple terms Jessica thank you for your help. It still amazes me how complicated I tend to try and make things for myself.

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There's no need to find the highest and lowest values, just leave the condition out of the where clause and it will grab everything:

edit:added from unixtime

   YEAR(FROM_UNIXTIME(creation_date)) as year
FROM customer_details 
You should also be using a while loop, not a do/while loop. You need to fetch the row first, then process it. A do/while loop works the other way and tries to process it then fetch it. Edited by kicken
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