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Wanting to hide signup page within PHP Login script


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Hi there,

I have a question that I seem not to be able to find online else so I'm hoping someone here can help me.

The question I have is I am in the process of creating a membership site. I have completed the login process correctly with a PHP login script I found online. I have installed the script correctly such as database, protecting certain pages etc.

The problem I am having is I am wanting to hide the URL where the registration page is found where users can signup (e.g. mywebsite.com/register.php). For example, I am wanting users to be able to login any time (mywebsite.com/login.php from a link I provide on the home page), but I am wanting to hide the signup page as user will get access to the registration page once they have made payments. But the problem is if the user has a little bit of knowledge about login scripts, there should know just to type in either signup.php or register.php (where the login script is located) to get access to this page for free.

For example, could I some how change the register.php name to something like register229102.php without the entire script not working?

The idea behind my membership site will be once a user makes a payment via redirecting to a secure Clickbank payments page (as I am using Clickbank as my payment options) and once the user has made payments they are then redirected to the thank you page, when then the user will click a link to be redirected to the register.php page where they sign up and get access from there. And they can login from the home page once they have become a member. I hope this has made an understanding of my idea.

I have everything already set up and would just like an easy way to hind the register.php URL as I am not to techy when it comes to PHP.
Thanks Kindly,

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You could change it so that it only showed the register form if they submit a unique code that you would generate on the Thankyou page (and add to database) when the user pays.


Hope this helps,



Hi Timothy,

Thanks for your response. This soulds like something I'm looking for. How would I do just what your syaing? Thanks once again

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Do a register form

start a session on it

make a form

ask user for their unique code

submit - check against database

add a value to the session to check

when the form processes if that value is true display the registration form on the page

otherwise display the unique code form

Thanks, I do now understand how that works, but don't know how to code it. Not to good a PHP.


Could you give me an example if possible in code. Thanks

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