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Dealing with the apostrophe in a variable?


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my code



$query = "SELECT SUM(furnitureA) AS furnitureA FROM items WHERE quantity = '$codeNumber'"; 
$result = mysql_query($query); 
$rBf = mysql_fetch_array($result); // ERROR: Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in....


This usually happens whenever there's an apostrophe (') in $codeNumber (E.g. if $codeNumber = jack's154879).
How do i overcome this?


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Thanks. but now the $codeNumber is red as jack\'s154879? Not outputting the desired results whenever there is an apostrophe (') in the $codeNumber variable.?


Are you seeing that when looking at the code in the database? That's fine, it's supposed to do that. It's escaping the quotes. When you get the data from the database, those slashes will (should?) be removed.

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Check if 'Magic Quotes' are turned on in PHP and also check for any 'addslashes' function use within your code.


If Magic Quotes are on then all HTTP request data (e.g. $_POST) will automatically be escaped.


If you're using addslashes() then additional escaping is being done there too.


The above two methods will actually add the backslashes when storing in the database, unlike the mysql_real_escape_string() method, so I'm guessing you're doing one of those things (hence the backslash you are seeing in the DB).


Ensure to just use mysql_real_escape_string() and no other methods of escaping.

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