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FPDF rendering of worldwide places

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Tearing my hair out with this one, it seems that the inevitable choices of solutions are both intensive pieces of work.


I've created a delivery/invoice note generated by FPDF from a shopping cart object in PHP.  It's fine, it's been working well, some teething issues and then this:


We had some orders from abroad, namely Saudi Arabia and Israel.  The system uses country codes which are sent to the payment gateway, and the system also determines regions within a country as linked drop-down list with country.


So, in one example, someone has selected Israel, and some indecipherable region/state within Israel.


This renders in the PDF as:


מחוז המרכז


Which is no good to anyone!   :happy-04:


So I tried to convert DejaVuSans (as recommended in a St***k O******w thread) using the makefont tool, using CP1252 encoding, which is the default.  No luck.  Tried with ISO-8859-1 - still no luck.  Also reran versions with utf8_encode (and utf8_decode just to see what it would do - I was getting desperate at this point).  Nothing.  The best I got was:


???? ?????


Which showed me that FPDF is generating the region - country parts of the address.


I now have two options:


1.  Convert every non-english address using english characters.  A massive job as the cart system doesn't do this, but has the capability (?!?)


2.  Create a pdf system for each encoding type - something I would like to avoid too, as some of them may never place orders.


The ideal solution, and my question is - is there a font or way I can render foreign character sets without determining the encoding of the PDF?


Hope that all makes sense.


tl:dr - Can't make fonts work in FPDF for foreign places.  Want one solution that doesn't involve masses of work editing databases or files.

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It sounds like your font simply doesn't have those characters. You'll want to pick a simple font, probably a system one.

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You will also want to make sure that your website and database are all UTF-8 (at least) enabled. If the form is not UTF-8, then you may be sending the wrongly encoded data to the server. If the database is not UTF-8 you may be storing it wrongly. If the Database connection is not using UTF-8 (immediately after connecting) it may not be retrieving it correctly. I have not worked with FPDF, but you need to look at its settings for UTF-8 as well. The CP1252 encoding, and ISO-8859-1 are not likely to support those characters at all.

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