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a way to use PHP and TAPI driver together


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So i'm been tasked with this project for work. We are looking to see how we can build an interface where a user can click a button from a custom built web interface and call the number. This is similar to using the TAPI driver in outlook or the windows application dialer.exe, where they input the number, it calls their phone and then connects them to their destination number. I know there is the php COM object but that is only for windows php machines, ours is linux. So i'm just trying to find more information on how to go about it, if anyone here has done something similar then your help is greatly appreciated. 


Another thing we are trying to find about is if there is any software out there that we can use where a use inputs their phone number on a webpage and they click connect to call us. I've seen this used in some sites, i just don't know if there is something already out there or if we need to build this from scratch, if so then does anyone have any guides or links. I've been on google to see what i can find but so far nothing useful has come up. Again any help you guys have would be great

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You want the user to call a number, from his computer? If so, then this is not possible with PHP (alone). Or, at least not unless you're hosting said web site on that user's computer.

The difference between PHP and those two applications you listed, is that both Outlook and Windows Dialler exists and runs on the local computer. While PHP runs on the server which serves the web page.


To give the user to ability to "phone" from his browser, you'll need a third party application, most likely. Most likely something based upon Flash or Java Applets, though HTML 5 might be possible as well.

The exact method to solve this one greatly depends upon how complex you need it to be, but I wouldn't be surprised if it involved setting up Asterix (or another phone server).

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