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Setting specific style and removing.


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<input type='submit' class='set' id='set' value='Set'/>
<input type='text' class='mytext' id='mytext' style='font-style:italic'/>


     What I want to happen is when I click a button it make the text bold and if the text is already bold when I clicked it again it will remove the font-weight  style attribute only. Using jquery. . 

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Thanks, as there no other option because I need my style attributes and other attributes in there cause i'm passing all of it to a server side. 


<td id="D19" style="font-family:bold;font-family:Arial;font-size:11px;background-color:#FFFF00;color:#000000;" contenteditable="true">the data</td>
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.toggle() is the next best thing: one function to add bold, one function to remove it.

I say this because I find it too much of a hassle to write a .click() handler that manually detects state. But you can totally do that if you'd rather: this.style.fontWeight (inside the handler) is an easy place to look.

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Thank you Mr. Guru! But upon going down in the building and smoke some cigarettes, I finally got an answer just need a little conditioning and adding a attribute for each table cell. 


         var cellId = $('#cellId').attr('href');         
         if($(cellId).attr('italic') == 'italic'){


Thanks again, you guys don't hesitate to give idea and knowledge!

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