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Canvas Retro Shooter

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I have been working on a side scrolling shooter for the past couple of weeks and I would like to get some testing done.

The game is similar in style to many retro shooters like Gradius, UN Squadron etc.


The game play is a simple wave style, where you complete a level that has certain groups of enemies come at you in different patterns/amounts.


This version only contains 1 level and is quite short to help with debugging and testing.


Let me know what you think and if there are any issues that you can see.


The graphics are basic atm, I will be getting better ones made once the games mechanics are stable.






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Thanks for the advice.


The boss at the end of level one has 200 HP so it will take a while. This is just for development purposes to see how many times I would die with the tracer bullets ( I died alot ).


I haven't paid much attention to UI or a help system mainly because I want to get the game working well enough before I do. Believe it or not, yesterday the game used to use the mouse to control, and a few days before it was keyboard again :P.

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