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Symfony2 without APC, but using an alternative caching method


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This question relates to using Symfony2 without APC.


My web host is a shared cloud environment and apparently using APC is not currently possible.


This is the only caching they offer: http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/cloud-sites-php-op-code-cache


When I asked about APC they pointed me to the above link, but of course that doesn't mean this is a substitute for APC.


My understanding is that Symfony2 without APC can be very slow. My question is: will using the caching methods in the link above make up in any way for the speed loss that I believe will occur without using APC?


Of course moving web host is possible, but that depends on how much their caching method makes up for the lack of APC.


If this can't be answered then as much info as possible to enable me to question my web host further would help.



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XCache is an alternative to APC, and in fact Symfony2 has the same mechanisms in place to make use of XCache as it does with APC.


Some of these things however need to be setup / configured by the developer. They don't just work out of the box. the same applies to Symfony's use of APC though.

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