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Improving look and feel.


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Hello, wasn't quite sure where I should have posted this, or if appropriate for this forum.


I know my web design mechanics fairly well, but i'm not really the best art designer.


I've created a calender for a site i'm working on. Click on a day, and you can share what your doing on said day.

Simple project, but I feel its ugly.


I use a "checkmark" image to show a day has an entry.


When the owner clicks a day, they are presented with a pop-in (in-page popup?) that allows them to create or edit.

Still need to make a delete control, not hard.


When a viewer clicks a day, they get an even more lack-luster view without the text-area.


Anyway, this feels really awkward when using it. Any tips for bringing it up to 2012?


Attached images for it, thanks in advanced for any advice.




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First, I would adjust the colors. Perhaps use complimentary colors with the green you currently have. These would be greys, browns, and off whites (for the calendar itself). I would suggest, having the white a light grey with black font.


Instead of the checkmarks, have the box turn a dark grey with white font to contrast the light grey. You could add something like "See Events" so customers know there are events booked.


This may be personal preference, but I would take out the underline on the days (mon, tue, wed...) and put those in all caps (MON, TUE, WED...). Change the entire font type of the calendar to something more styled. I like myrad pro. Something still readable, but less "computer" looking.


On the additional images, where you can post an event or see the event, get rid of the yellow color. Green and yellow together is bleh. Make the yellow the dark or light grey to match the calendar.


I'd change that green color (behind close, post...) to the softer green color like the background of the calendar - less yellow.


And change all the border color from green to white to tie in the white font and text field.


Hope that helps!

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