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Loop through days for following week

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I need help with looping through the dates of working days (Monday to Friday) for the following week.


I need to send an email once a week (probably on a Thursday or Friday) informing people of their rooms for the following week.  I need to loop through each day, starting with Monday and finishing on Friday.


I wrote this:

for($i=0;$i<5;$i++) {
	echo date('Y-m-j', strtotime('Monday+'.$i)).'<br />';

I thought this would work, but it returns the correct date for next Monday (2013-03-25) and then the other 4 days are all showing as 2013-03-24.


Any ideas how I can get this to work?


Thank you for taking the time to help.


Many Thanks,



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I'd simplify the logic a bit, and generate the timestamp using DateInterval and DatePeriod.

// First set up the starting day, ending day (+1 day) and the interval to use (1 day).
$start = new DateTime ('next monday', new DateTimeZone ('UTC'));
$end = new DateTime ('next monday +7 days', new DateTimeZone ('UTC'));
$interval = new DateInterval ('P1D');

// Then create the period range, including the starting day and up to the ending day.
// Doesn't include the last day, which is why we added one day extra when creating the ending timestamp.
$range = new DatePeriod ($start, $interval, $end);

// Run through the days of the next week, and build up the output string.
$output = '';
foreach ($range as $date) {
$output .= $date->format ('Y-m-j')."\n";
Then it's just to echo out $output wherever you want the dates to be displayed. Edited by Christian F.
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