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how to use users own IP address while parsing a website


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hi, i use PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to get some data from another website. Big problem is while my server IP send a hundred requests in a second to source website :( and get blocked :sweat:

So, how i can use users own IP address while parsing a website?

I know about using a proxy with simple php html dom parser but it's another big problem to me  :

Please give me ideas. Thanks

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You don't. If your server needs to grab the page and parse it, your server's IP is the one that will be used. There isn't any way to send a request under the end-users IP. If what you are doing is allowed then you won't get blocked. If it is not allowed then you shouldn't be doing it and getting blocked is what should happen.

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It doesn't matter what kind of site it is, or what it does.  Kicken's statement is still valid, if you are allowed to scrape it, then you wouldn't get blocked for doing it.  Read the TOS for the site, they may have an API that will do what you are asking, or they may ban it altogether.

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