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Hello everyone! Plz give me some tips


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I am Alfredo and I am 11 years old. I really want to lean php and other web development things. But I get confused when I see there are so many things. Makes my head spin. Tried w3 school, lynda.com. But as you people know php and all other stuffs in web development are huge and too much elaborate. I need a clear guide line. One day I start one thing and next day another. Eventually I am learn nothing :( 


All I want to become a good web developer. Please suggest me what should I do. Which thing I should start 1st, like html etc. and from where (lynda.com ; w3school; for dummies book ; youtube)


Please give me some advice beginning to end (to become good web developer)


Please help me and thank you,



off the topic: How much time a day I should spend on learning if I want to become a web developer in a year? [i know this is a stupid question but would love to know]

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Hi alfredo,


To become a good web developer you also need to have some knowledge in HTML, My best suggestion is to learn HTML from www.homeandlearn.com and PHP from  

www.homeandlearn.com (or) THENEWBOSTON PHP video tutorials, it contain 200 tutorials from beginning to advanced topic in php..

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And spending 3hrs a day you can become a good webdeveloper in 3months (learning from scratch)

Clearly we have different opinions about what a good webdeveloper is.


IMO a good programmer is someone who:

* writes clear, clean, reusable, DRY code

* documents his code

* uses best practices and programming principles

* and generally knows how things work.


In overall I would say 3 years of experience in writing, extending, and maintaining code will get you to the level of being a good programmer.


I don't know if that also hods true if you are only 11 years old, a mature person will get more chances (actual clients to work for) then you would.

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Most people I know learnt PHP and general web development by experimenting, myself included. I used to look through other peoples code, change things and see what happened. To this day I have never read a book on web development (or atleast a teaching book).


The most important thing to becoming a "good" developer is enjoying what you do. I frequently stay up til 4am writing scripts that are for personal use or experimentation. If you don't enjoy it then you may aswell learn something else.

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