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Adding Multiple Parameters to bind_param()

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Hi Everyone,

I am using the bind_param() function and am building a function around it. I need an automated way of inserting a uncertain (unlimited) amount of parameters into this function. ie have the php code able to insert parameters into the bind_param() function on its own. So if it is given 3 parameters put them in as 



or if given 5 parameters 


I need a way of having the script insert them in for me. 


What I was thinking was having all of these parameters giving to a function above this as an array. I would then use a foreach loop to determine what type of value each value in this array is and create a string with the appropriate letters to have as the first parameter in the bind_param($value_types ...
Then I need a way of cycling through this array and adding how ever many values it has, as individual parameters, to the bind_param() function. 


Thanks in advance,



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Use call_user_func_array(). But bind_param wants references so

function foo(mysqli_stmt $stmt, array $args) {
$refargs = array("");
foreach ($args as $key => $value) {
$refargs[] =& $args[$key];
call_user_func_array(array($stmt, "bind_param"), $refargs);
That's a start. Edited by requinix
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Not sure what I am doing wrong and am not recieving any sql or php erros yet nothing is going into the database.


function test(mysqli_stmt $stmt, array $args) {
		$refargs = array();
		foreach ($args as $key => $value) {
			$refargs[] =& $args[$key];
		call_user_func_array(array($stmt, "bind_param"), $refargs);
	$mysqli = new mysqli(
	$stmt = $mysqli -> stmt_init();
	$stmt -> prepare( "INSERT INTO users (`username`,`name`) VALUES(?,?)" );
	test($stmt, array('ss','testusername','testname'));
	$stmt -> execute();

	if($mysqli -> connect_error || $mysqli -> connect_errno || mysqli_stmt_error($stmt) || mysqli_stmt_errno($stmt)){ 
		echo 'MySQL Connection Error: ('.$mysqli -> connect_errno.')'.$mysqli -> connect_error ; 
		echo mysqli_stmt_errno($stmt).' - '.mysqli_stmt_error($stmt);
	} else {
		echo "Success";
	$stmt -> close();


Any ideas?

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