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Let's test CryptBB - Open source encrypted forum


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Thanks to all for feedback.

I have decided to improve CryptBB.

This site, encrypted forum with open source code, provides more secure private communications between people. All messages are transmited by the internet and stored in the database in encrypted format. All mathematical cryptographic operations are executed by client (internet browser), not by server. For text encrypting this forum uses AES (Rijndael) 256 CTR (Counter mode), symmetric military-class encryption (USA) 2012, and for passwords exchange between users - RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman) 768-2048, one of the best asymmetric ciphers at present time (2012). Here You can create Your own forums and discuss with Your friends any topics securely. Anybody (even administrator) cannot read Your closed messages. Register and join the encrypted community!

Major change: Added VEIL message veilization.

What is VEIL?

Enveil converts the Base64-text to the random text with simple sentences. Deveil converts this generated text to the Base64-text. Enveilized text hides the Base64-text.

For example. We need to post securely the message:

How are you?

We encrypt this message with AES-256 CTR cipher and password 12345 (without capsulation) and get the Base64 (custom) text:



Now we enveilize this Base64-text with first VEIL Javascript function by internet-browser and get the human-readable post:

Scott has pointed to the battery. Further Jason and Katy, turning the packet, have painted Steve's bottle. And Angela, losing the journal, has wanted Terry's orange. Suddenly Rebeca, painting Jeffrey's document, has acquired Jeff's jar certainly. But Jack said: "Amanda has reminded of the tube!"

Then we transmit this post to the WEB-server. CryptBB deveilizes this post with first VEIL PHP function and saves the deveilized Base64-text to the database. When we read the encrypted topic, CryptBB, using the second VEIL PHP function, show to us the human-readable post. At the end, we deveilize the post with second VEIL Javascript function and decrypt the Base64-text with AES-256 CTR by internet-browser. Now everybody, who knows the password, can securely read the source message.




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