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Superimposing values from mysql table onto images


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I'm just after someone to point me in the right direction on this one, because I'm not sure how to go about it at all.


Let's say I've got a table called "tbl_badges" with data regarding badges that will be given to students based on their scores in a quiz.


Is it possible to pull the data from the 'badge_name' field and superimpose it on an image.


Ie: So badges would essentially look the same, but with different text on the same image.


The reason I'm after this solution is to enable non-tech saavy teachers to be able to create a badge by simply filling in a form which asks for a badge name.


To give you a visual on what I mean, see the image below.




While I've obviously created this myself, I'd like this to be created by "Roman Numerals Badge" being pulled from the badge_name field in the tbl_badges.


Anyway, just after some basic direction on what methods I need to investigate to achieve this.







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Thanks Barand.


Just to clarify, when you say "Process each line of text at a time" do you mean that my form for the teachers to submit their badge names (and consequently the table tbl_badges) should have a few fields?

...: (badge_line_1 , badge_line_2, badge_line_3 for example ?





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