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Help with mySQL queries!


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I am having trouble with SQL statements, i just can't seem to get them right

This is the strcuture of the DB


studentid     varchar( 8)     latin1_swedish_ci                     
forename     varchar(60)     latin1_swedish_ci                  
surname     varchar(40)     latin1_swedish_ci                  
coursecode     varchar(14)     latin1_swedish_ci                      
stage         smallint(6)     No     0                                              
email         varchar(50)     latin1_swedish_ci     

coursecode     varchar(14)     latin1_swedish_ci         
coursetitle     varchar(100)     latin1_swedish_ci         
deptcode     char(2)     latin1_swedish_ci

modulecode     varchar(6)     latin1_swedish_ci         
moduletitle     varchar(120)     latin1_swedish_ci         
points         int(11)                 
level         char(2)     latin1_swedish_ci     

I am firstly trying to show students on a course
, i have got:

'select forename, surname, coursetitle, from srs_student
        inner join srs_course where coursecode = coursecode'


I am a beginner to sql, what seems to be the problem?

I am also trying to do the same thing but showing students on a module, what logic would help me do this?



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You are missing the definition of what you are actually joining your two tables on as well as you need to prefix your tables in your WHERE clause (which is actually defining your join predicate).

SELECT forename, surname, coursetitle
FROM srs_student AS s
INNER JOIN srs_course AS c ON s.coursecode = c.coursecode
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