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actions? problem

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Well, ive got a problem.


Ive got a browser game ive made that was made in a previous version of php (pre 4.1).


Everything has worked fine on it on my previous server which has version 4.3 of php so i know it can be run on that.


Anyway, my last server had problems so i decided to get a dedicated server. I transfered over all my files / database, etc but all the actions on the site dont work. By actions i mean, all type of form requests and that type of things. Eg. Post messages, create accounts etc.


Ive got the game up on a different server right now which has the exact same php / mysql and apache version as my dedicated server and it works fine there but not on mine so i figured its a server issue somewhere in the settings.




i thought it may be registered globals but i have turned them on with no change. what else could it be? id really like to get this problem resloved so i hope someone can help me out.


Thanks alot, if this is in the wrong section please move it.


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Hey, i figured out part of my problem.


IT is a problem with register_globals. I have them set to On within php.ini but when i do phpinfo() it is saying there off.


Why would it not be on? ive restarted apache, it is the correct file i edited. What else could effect this?


I really need to get this solved asap.



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