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Issues with jquery and php for basic shopping cart function


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Here is a snippet of the code for an assignment for my web programming class.  I have to use PHP and JQuery to read a delimited text file and display the products in one row of a table.  I have to use JQuery's toggle function to be able to show/hide details (price, image, and name) of a few products.  Everything seemed to work until I started entering the JQuery code in the division.  I have to use $productId as the id for the <div> and I seem to be having some trouble passing the variables to JQuery.  I would appreciate any help anyone could offer as I'm at an impasse.  I've attached a screenshot of the desired outcome.  Thank you.

echo "<h3>OUR PRODUCTS</h3>";
echo "<form name=\"shoppingCart\" action=\"checkOut.php\" method=\"post\">
     <input type=\"button\" value=\"CHECK OUT\" onclick=\"document.shoppingCart.submit()\">
     <input type=\"button\" value=\"MAIN MENU\" onclick=\"location='/'\">
     <!--For aesthetic purposes only-->
     <button type=\"button\">INSTRUCTIONS</button>
echo "<p>Click a product name for details and to order it. After selecting
     products click CHECK OUT.</p>";
echo "<table>";
echo "<tr>";// open data file in read only mode
$productsData = fopen("products.txt","r");// parse file in while loop and generate product info
while(!feof($productsData)) {
     $productArray = explode("^",$row);
     $productId = $productArray[0];
     $productName = $productArray[1];
     $productPrice = $productArray[2];
     $productImageUrl = $productArray[3];
     echo "<td width=\"220\" valign='top'>";
     echo "<span style=\"font-weight: bold; font-size: 20px;\"
     onclick=\"$('#$productId').animate({height: 'toggle'}, 'slow' );\">$productName</span>";
     echo "</td>";
     echo "<td valign='top'>
          <div id=\"<?php echo($productId); ?>\" style=\"padding: 10px; display: none; font-weight: bold;\">
               <img style=\"width: 200px;\" src=\"<?php echo($productImageUrl); ?>\">
               Send me:
               <select name=\"<?php echo($productId); ?>\">
                    <option value=\"0\">None</option>
                    <option value=\"1\">1</option>
                    <option value=\"2\">2</option>
                    <option value=\"3\">3</option>
     echo "</td>";
};// close data file
fclose($productsData);echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";


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