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My echos are not working


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re: your edit in post #18 with the line of code and "I removed the full php tag in line 1 and that fixed that." in post #20.


the way to fix an error is to find what's causing it and make it right. by changing the php tag back to a non-working php tag, all you did was to effectively remove the line of php code because php no longer sees it as being php code.


what's wrong with line 1 of your file is very likely what is causing the latest error. your include statement isn't working because you have a syntax error in the line of code. you either need to add a missing ) to match the ( you do have or since the include statement isn't actually a function, you can remove the (


Yeah, I forgot to close it with a ), but removed the ( and it works fine now with the database connected. All is well. Thanks my friend!

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