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Creating links to files in a directory recursively


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I'm trying to create a PHP function that will go through an FTP directory and automatically create links to any files in that directory, and in any subdirectories. I've tried several attempts but keep getting "File not found" errors. The files have spaces in the names. I notice that the URL's have %20 in them instead, but this shouldn't be an issue, right?  Anyway, here's the code that doesn't work (I based this off some other code I found, it's not entirely original). The links show correctly and the mouseovers appear correct, but a "File Not Found" error is thrown when a user clicks on the link:

function getDirectory( $path = 'documents/user', $level = 0, $recurse = -1 ){

$ignore = array( 'cgi-bin', '.', '..','Thumbs.db' );
// Directories to ignore when listing output.

$dh = @opendir( $path );
// Open the directory to the handle $dh

while( false !== ( $file = readdir( $dh ) ) ){
// Loop through the directory

    if( !in_array( $file, $ignore ) ){
    // Check that this file is not to be ignored

        $spaces = str_repeat( ' ', ( $level * 4 ) );
        // Just to add spacing to the list, to better
        // show the directory tree.

        if( is_dir( "$path/$file" ) ){
        // Its a directory, so we need to keep reading down...

            echo "<strong>$spaces $file</strong><br />";
            if ($recurse==-1) {
            // Recurse down through subdirectories                
            getDirectory( "documents/user/$file", ($level+1), $recurse );
        } else {

            echo $spaces . "<a href='$path/$file'>$file</a><br />"; 
            // Print out the file name, and create a URL link to that file


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Thanks. That fixed it and also some of the links had hash tags in the file names, which is a no-no, so I told the client to stop posting files with names like "Production Issue #1.doc" and use "Production Issue No 1.doc" instead.

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