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error http 500


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New to CakePHP. Reading tutorials.

Need to get an old CakePHP 1.3.2 project to run. It was made by someone else.


Can look at a test site that is running and have a copy of the code that site uses in directories starting with app/. Also there is an index.php in the directory above app/.

Have data and am able to query it with a basic CakePHP program that isn't part of the project.


The url for the test site is like http://agroup.ab.aml/brd and when clicked on turns to http://agroup.ab.aml/brd/index.php/admin/user/add and gets an error "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

If you backspace to http://agroup.ab.aml/brd/index.php/admin/user you get the same error.

If you backspace to http://agroup.ab.aml/brd/index.php/admin you get part of a CakePHP program with what looks like a custom error saying "requested address admin/ was not be found on this server."

If you backspace to http://agroup.ab.aml/brd/index.php, it automatically goes to http://agroup.ab.brd/index.php/users/login and get the whole 1st page of the CakePHP program.


Tried to get the code I was given to run but when I try the urls above, I get "The website cannot display the page http 500", even with a url that looks just like the one that works on the test site.


1. What causes the urls to automatically change ?

2. What can cause the error http 500 if the directories, programs, and urls match ?


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Thank you for writing back.

app/tmp/logs has one file in it called empty and it is empty.

The test site seems to work ok with the url like http://agroup.ab.brd/index.php/users/login and the code I have is supposed to match what is working.


Found users_controller.php and a function login() in it.

In routes.php set Router::connect('/',array('controller'=>'users','action'=>'login'));.

Got same error.

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Immitated the url and routing (default) of the project that gets the error 500 with a very simple program and it ran ok.

Just looked for logs in directories under windows\logfiles. Either had no access to directories or no recent files there. Will get a server person to help.

Thank you very much.

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