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updating more than 1 element in an ajax request

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Posted 13 May 2013 - 11:57 PM

I want to be able to update more than one element with an ajax request. This is for a shopping cart.
So when someone removes an item, it will update the quantity in the cart element, #cart_quantity, and I want it to also update the remaining items in the cart, by changing the value of their array.

So for example:
cart_quantity = 4
item1 (array = 0)
item2 (array = 1)
item3 (array = 2)
item4 (array = 3)

When I remove item2 from the cart I then want all the array values to be updated (they are contained within a hidden input form), so it should be become;
cart_quantity = 3
item1 (array = 0)
item3 (array = 1)
item4 (array = 2)

So in the ajax request I have updated the cart_quantity, and the number of the items in the array.
I know I can do this with 2 ajax requests, but is there someway it can be done with just one?
For example I have the success part of the ajax query as:

            success    : function(data) {

is there someway we can set up something like:

            success    : function(data1) {
        }, function(data2) {

Or do you simply have to do two ajax requests? Or are there any other alternatives?


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Posted 14 May 2013 - 02:42 AM

Instead of returning html from your request return just the data as a json object. Using json, you can then update whatever you need client side.

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