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how to set admin login for a website when the site does not hold user or other login's in codeigniter.


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I am a newbie to codeigniter. My website is a "Event Ordering" website. In this website users can come and order their venue for a particular city.

Whenever we write code for a site, we include the admin folder in the application folder itself. i.e. application_folder/admin.

I don't know how to give client the admin rights. We will give login for client. But, my question is:

How can we give the url to the client.

E.g. In core php, we ask the client to browse through www.application.com/admin and the page for the admin is opened. How to give the same thing in codeigniter??? (There is no user login in the website)


I was thinking to create another folder inside htdocs as admin and then ask the client to login. I don't know whether i am correct or not?? Please suggest....

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