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date is sent 0000.00.00 to mysql !


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hello, i'm sending date to mysql. when echoing the date in the browser, the date is correctly viewed.

echo $date;


but when sending to the database, its viewing there as 0's

is it a problem in the table in the db or the code itself


$sql = "INSERT INTO fooddiary (ID, Date, DayTime, FoodName, Calories)
VALUES ($clid, '$date', 'Breakfast', '$food', $cal)
ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE FoodName = '$food', Calories=$cal";
$result = mysqli_query($con, $sql) or die(mysqli_error());

other values are sent successfully!!
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Do NOT store dates as VARCHAR. You will not be able to use the mySql date functions, you will have problems with sorting and comparing, etc. etc.


Always store dates as DATE (or DATETIME or even TIMESTAMP). The server accepts and returns them as YYYY-MM-DD. You can change the way it displays when you retrieve the data.


Would you store numbers as "two hundred fifty-seven and 23/100" just so you can print it on a check? Of course not.

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