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Copying Images in codeigniter


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I am doing a project which contains all the venue related information like birthday, wedding ceremony etc.

The problem is:

I have written all my front end programs in venuez/application/controller or view or model folder.

And for admin i am writing programs in venuez/admin/application/controller or view or model folder.


The thing is that, when the admin is adding venues to the site it is uploaded in the folder named as

venuez/admin/images and frontend takes images from venuez/images folder.


I think i should copy images from admin to frontend at the time of insertion and updation.

Is this a proper solution, else please suggest me your opinion so that I can go forward and complete my project.


Also if copying is the answer then i am confused with the path of the folders. Please suggests.


Thanks in advance :D


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While writting in the admin part, I added 



while inserting into a folder.


with the help of this the image is stored at the front end side.

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